Management Team

SDKA International operates a strict policy on corporate governance. Our management team includes people who are well known in the industries we operate in.



SDKA sources its commodities from our mining assets and partners all around the world.


Our Business Approach

A vital core principle our company has been built on, is the importance of putting our clients’ interests first. For this to be achieved, we promote an overall culture and environment where our people are driven to achieve and accomplish with the uppermost principals and honor.

SDKA International

SDKA International is a multinational company based in the UAE with offices in Dubai, New York, Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi. SDKA has a global presence in the financing, production, refining, processing, transportation, storage and supply of a broad range of commodities. Our mission is to provide a reliable and competitive service to our partners and suppliers.

We have a diverse customer base around the world, including governments and blue-chip organizations. Our customers are active in an array of industries, from steel production to food processing. Due to SDKA’s global footprint and extensive supply network, customers know they can rely on our brand to always deliver.

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